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Diversity & Inclusion

As a part of the Texas A&M community, the Health Science Center employs the university's definition of diversity. The inclusion, welcome, and support of individuals from all groups, encompassing the various characteristics of persons in our community. The characteristics can include, but are not limited to: age, background, citizenship, disability, education, ethnicity, family status, gender, gender identity/expression, geographical location, language, military experience, political views, race, religion, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, and work experience.

Diversity on Campus

The educational benefits of diverse learning environments include fostering civic learning, engagement and preparation to live and improve health care in complex global settings. Diversity is the inclusion and support of individuals from all groups in our community. It is the exploration of differences in a safe, welcoming and nurturing environment.


Lavern Holyfield, DDS
Chair, Diversity Leadership Committee
Phone: 214.828.8485
Diversity Office | Dr. Holyfield's Bio

Health Science Center Diversity Leadership Committee