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Mission and Vision


Our Mission

The mission of the Texas A&M Health Science Center is to improve human health and quality of life across the state, around the nation, and throughout the world by achieving excellence in education, discovery, clinical care and health promotion.

Our Vision

The vision of the Texas A&M Health Science Center is to become one of the leading research-intensive, innovation-driven, health science centers in the nation, and to develop individual institutes and centers that are transformative in their impact on human health.

Our Strategy

A culture of excellence must be continually nurtured. At TAMHSC, this culture of excellence arose through efforts of tenacious faculty, staff, and students who, together, strive to always improve our institution. We must continue to create and foster a culture of excellence that will build upon existing foundational strengths, develop novel initiatives with transformative impact, and serve as the driving force for our decisions and strategic goals.

Our Aspirations

We have created a high-level vision for our future. I invite you to read our aspirations and provide your comments to

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