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Request for New and Increased Tuition and Fees - Effective Fall 2015


Description Assessed Per Current Fee Proposed Fee
Guaranteed Tuition & Fee Rates - Resident See information below
Guaranteed Tuition & Fee Rates - Non-Resident See information below
Graduate Differential Tuition - DDS Year $ 3,515  $ 5,400 
Student Svs Fee - DDS - Fall, Spring & Summer Max SCH/SEM $5.50/$99.00 max $6.00/$108.00 max
Equipment Usage Fee - DDS Year $5,000.00 $5,500.00
Instructional Enhancement Fee - DDS SCH $ 30.00 $ 32.00
Distance Education Fee - SPH* SEM $ 200.00 Eliminate
Distance Education Fee - SPH* SCH $ 30.00
Exec. Masters of Health Administration - SPH SCH New $ 800.00

*Previously charged per SEM; will be charged per SCH beginning Fall 2015

Guaranteed Tuition and Fee Rates - Effective Fall 2015

Resident Undergraduate Students Current Authorized Rates Current Authorized Rates Adj. to THECB for Non-Resident Inflation Adj. Proposed Rate $Incr/Sem %Incr
B.S. in Dental Hygiene - 3rd & 4th yr. students (2 yr. program) $ 5,892 $6,006 $  114 1.93%
B.S. in Nursing:
 - Traditional, Second Degree & Select Program Tracks (2 yr. programs) $8,563 $8,728 $  165 1.93%
- RN to B.S. Nursing Track (1 yr. program) $8,230 $8,389 $  159 1.93%
B.S. Public Health (3rd & 4th years at HSC) $7,082 $7,219 $  137 1.93%
Non-Resident Undergraduate Students*
B.S. in Dental Hygiene - 3rd & 4th yr. students (2 yr. program) $18,286 $18,660 $19,020 $  360 1.93%
B.S. in Nursing:
- Traditional, Second Degree & Select Program Tracks (2 yr. programs) $19,808 $20,149 $20,538 $  389 1.93%
- RN to B.S. Nursing Track (1 yr. program) $18,992 $19,333 $19,706 $  373 1.93%
B.S. Public Health (3rd & 4th years at HSC)* $17,771 $18,041 $18,389 $  348 1.93%

*Per Section 54.051 (d) of the Texas Education code, non-resident statutory tuition costs are contingent upon rates calculated by The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board for non-resident students enrolled in Texas public universities.

College/School Fee Justification
CON, TAMUBCD, SPH Guaranteed Tuition & Fee Rates The Health Science Center is requesting approval to increase the guaranteed fixed rate tuition and fee plan for both resident and non-resident students enrolled in its BS programs - Dental Hygiene; Nursing for Traditional, Second Degree and Select Tracks; and Public Health (3rd and 4th years). The requested increase is based on the annual CPI increase of 1.93% for the aforementioned programs. Revenue from the increase will be used to cover the increasing cost of infrastructure and operations of the Colleges.
TAMUBCD Graduate Differential Tuition - DDS An increase in tuition will provide part of the necessary resources to add 15 faculty positions to increase faculty supervision, which is required for several reasons: curricular changes, improved clinical translational research, increased community service and enhanced student training in external clinical sites, and, improved pipeline successes to increase the percentage of underrepresented minority acceptance, matriculation and graduation. All students attending TAMUBCD will benefit from the enhanced faculty oversight and preparation to be fully competent dental professionals to address the health needs of the citizens of Texas.
TAMUBCD Student Services Fee - DDS The Student Services Fee covers a wide range of activities for the students including counseling, the yearbook and student council. Increased costs for these activities require increased funds. TAMUBCD is requesting an increase from $5.50 per semester credit hour to $6.00 per semester credit hour.
TAMUBCD Equipment Usage Fee - DDS The instrument leasing program was launched in FY 2010 so students could lease equipment from TAMUBCD rather than purchasing all items used in labs and clinics. The increase from $5,000 to $5,500 per year will fund increased costs related to the purchase of replacement equipment and costs associated with the sterilization and processing of the equipment.
TAMUBCD Instructional Enhancement Fee - DDS The Instructional Enhancement fee covers a broad range of clinical support including lab services, instrument processing, clinic supplies, and equipment repair and replacement. Increased costs for supplies and equipment in all these areas require additional funds.
SPH Distance Education Fee This request will help defray the operating and  personnel costs of the School's distance education graduate programs, delivery and services. This may include programmatic costs and additional technology. The proposed fee revenue will be used to support distance education travel expenses, facility rental expenses, computer usage, administrative and technical support, and improvements in technology.
SPH Executive Master of Health Administration Program Fee The Executive Master of Health Administration (EMHA) graduate program will be an expansion of the current Masters of Health Administration program offered at the College Station campus. The EMHA program fee will be used to support program materials and supplies, student orientations, staff support, travel, and related operational expenses. The EMHA fee is proposed at $800.00 per SCH effective the Fall 2015 semester.


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