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July 2013


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IN THIS ISSUE: July 2013 Issue 002


FUN FACT......

On this month in 1776, the DECLARATION OFINDEPENDENCE was approved by the ContinentalCongress, setting the 13 colonies on the road to freedom as a sovereign nation. As always, this most American of holidays is marked by parades, fireworks and backyard barbecues across the country.



        The purpose of the TAMHSC CARE FAIR 2013 is to strengthen and sustain current momentum and enthusiasm for CARE,
showcase our accomplishments toward the CARE goals, create awareness of upcoming CARE programs, and provide a fun environment for some inter-professional fellowship.
        Poster presentations during the CARE FAIR will give visibility to research, teaching/learning activities, and projects that are related to the advancement of CARE goals.
        All posters accepted will be eligible for a “Best of Category” prize, judged by a neutral panel of local health care providers and administrators.
Prizes will include a framed certificate and recognition in the local newspaper. Additional prizes include grants to defray costs of tuition or professional
organization membership.

Prizes will be awarded in the following Categories:

For faculty or preceptors:
1.) Best presentation of research in Critical Thinking and/or Evidence Based Practive
2.) Best presentation application of Critical Thinking and/or Evidence Based Practice in
instruction (classroom or clinical setting)

For Students:
1.) Best presentation of application or use of Critical Thinking and/or Evidence Based Practice
in a student classroom project or research study

For Everyone:
1.) Best poster resulting from interprofessional collaboration in one of the categories above.
Interprofessional collaboration means that representatives from different colleges collaborated
in the research or project presented on the poster - it may include participants from another

Submission Information:
Poster session proposals for the 2013 CARE FAIR Poster Session must be submitted
electronically to Dr. Kelleen Stine-Cheyne at Stine-Cheyne@tamhsc.edu by no later than
close of business July 8, 2013.
You will receive notification within 1 business day that your proposal is received. You will be
informed no later than July 22, 2013, if your poster was accepted.
Kelleen Stine-Cheyne, Ph.D
Interim Director, CARE Initiative
Director, Teaching Learning Resource Center
Image of Dr. Kelleen Stine-Cheyne, TLRC Director


DID YOU KNOW?       

A new paradigm is emerging!!!Evidence-based practice de-emphasizes intuition, unsystematic clinical experience, and pathophysiologic rationale as sufficient grounds for clinical decision-making, and stresses the examination of evidence from clinical research. Evidence-Based Practice requires new skills, including efficient literature-searching, and the application of formal rules of evidence in evaluating the clinical literature.


The following quotes exemplify critical thought, or illuminate a problem in human thought which critical thinking addresses:

Wherever the art of Medicine is loved, there is also a love of Humanity.
  ~ Hippocrates

Men become civilized, not in proportion to their willingness to believe,
but in their readiness to doubt.
     ~ H. L. Mencken

Let us be the ones who say we do not accept that a child dies every three seconds simply because
he does not have the drugs you and I have. Let us be the ones to say we are not satisfied that your
place of birth determines your right for life. Let us be outraged, let us be loud, let us be bold.

~ Brad Pitt

Declare the past, diagnose the present, foretell the future.
     ~ Hippocrates





Excerpts Written by: Holly Lambert, Communications Director, TAMHSC College of Nursing

        Today we honor a faculty member for strengthening the momentum and enthusiasm for CARE. Graduates often talk about hearing them a faculty member’s voice in the back of their head helping through a tricky situation or difficult procedure. To honor these nurse educators that students hear - even years after graduation - the Texas A&M Health Science Center (TAMHSC) College of Nursing recognizes outstanding faculty members annually with the DAISY Faculty Award. DAISY stands for “Diseases Attacking the Immune System.” The DAISY Foundation mission is to celebrate and show appreciation to the extraordinary nurses who combine their experience and education with their kindness to impact patients and families.
        Willa Decker, M.S.N.,M.A.,RN,FNP-BC, assistant professor of nursing, received this year’s award during a college wide event May 14th 2013. “The DAISY award gives the College of Nursing the opportunity to recognize model faculty for their commitment and inspirational influence on the nurses of tomorrow,” said Sharon Wilkerson, PH.D.,RN,TAMHSC-College of Nursing dean.
        Mrs. Decker received her Bachelor of Science in nursing from The University of Texas School of Nursing at Houston and her Master of Science in psychiatric mental health from Texas Woman’s University-Houston Center. She also has a Master of Arts in individual, marriage and family therapy from the University of Houston and her post-master in advanced nurse practice from The University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston.
        Mrs. Decker exemplifies the CARE Initiative by teaching evidence based practice through critical thinking and promotes the illuminating relationship between thought processing and the affects the decisions made by her students in classroom and clinical rotation settings have on real world situations.
        “Professor Decker is a professional example for her students and peers,” Dr. Wilkerson said. “Her positive attitude and enthusiasm for teaching, learning and nursing, inspires and motivates students and faculty alike.”
         The DAISY Foundation was started in 1999 by the family of J. Patrick Barnes, who died at age 33 of complications of idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP). His family was astounded by the compassionate treatment he received from nurses during the eight weeks of hospitalization and created the DAISY award in appreciation of those nurses.
         We thank you, Mrs. Decker for taking the lead and setting the precedence for quality teaching in critical thinking and evidence based practice here at the Health
Science Center.

Daisy Award Winner 2013 (College of Nursing)

Description of Image Displayed: From Left to Right.
Susan Yarbrough, Ph.D,RN,CNE, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs,
Willa Decker, M.S.N., M.A., RN, FNP-BC, Assistant Professor, and
Sharon Wilkerson, Ph.D., RN,CNE, Dean of the TAMHSC-College of Nursing



Teaching Tip:

          Have you ever wondered if what you teach in your classes really “sticks,” or stays with students in the long term? REFLECTION is a great way to enhance learning and encourage critical thinking. At the end of a lecture, activity, or practical experience, provide students a question pertaining to the activity that you would like them to think more about. Tell them to consider the question and then write down their thoughts as well as any additional questions that they might have as a result of their reflection. To assure students complete the reflection, it’s best to have them turn it in for some kind of grade or opportunity for a few extra points at the end of the semester. If you are a student, you can do this on your own. If you do, you’ll get a lot more out of the class and will probably find that the learning “sticks” better.


Please send stories, photos & suggestions for the CARE e-Newsletter to Jovan Martinez, Program Assistant at
jmartinez@tamhsc.edu or drop them off at the TLRC Office.