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Jan. 8, 2004

The Texas A&M University System Health Science Center

Minutes of the HSC Faculty Senate TTVN Meeting

January 8, 2004

10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.

Reynolds building, College of Medicine

Approved February 12, 2004

Senators present

BCD: Pat Campbell, Larry Bellinger, Ph.D., Byron Benson, D.D.S., Mark Gannaway, D.D.S. Tom McKinney, DDS, Allen Honeyman, DDS, David Morgan, DDS, Robert Cederburg, DDS

COM: Gul Russel, Cynthia Meininger, Ph.D., Alan Parrish, Ph.D., Wayne Sampson, Ph.D. David Zaweija Ph.D., David Earnest Ph.D., Steve Maxwell Ph.D. Paul Brandt Ph.D.

COM Clinical: Mark Montgomery, M.D., Terry Rascoe, M.D., Sume Polcale M.D., Mark Montgomery, M.D., Eugene Terry M.D., Rick Winn, M.D.

GSBS: Farida Sohrabji, Ph.D.; Peter Ruschang, DDS

IBT: No one present

SRPH: Alicia Dorsey, Ph.D., Larry Gamm, Ph.D. J. Steven Moore, MD, Anne Sweeney Ph.D., Jane Bolin, RN, JD

GUESTS: Nancy Dickey, M.D. President HSC, Chris Colenda M.D. Dean, COM, Barry Nelson, Ph.D. VP for Finance and Administration

Elvin Smith, MD Executive VP HSC, David Carlson, MD VP of Research and Graduate Studies, HSC, Laura Smith JD, VP, Governmental Affairs, HSC

Call to Order: Speaker Dorsey called the meeting to order at 10:00 a.m.

Confirmation of a quorum: It was determined that a quorum was present.

Approval of minutes: A motion was made to accept the minutes as submitted. The motion was seconded and approved unanimously.

Welcome: From Dr. Chris Colenda, Dean, COM

Reports from HSC Leaders:

Dr. Nancy Dickey gave a "State of the HSC" Report, beginning with most recent accomplishments. Dr. Dickey announced that the HSC recently signed a contract to hire Jefferson Lett as the new CIO. Dr. Lett was previously at Tenet Health System, in charge of linking their IT systems. He will start 2/1/04. Within the past year other posts and positions have been filled as well, including the appointments of Dr. David Carlson as Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies and Laura Smith as VP in charge of Governmental Affairs. Buildings in South Texas and at Temple have been completed, and ground breaking is expected this spring for the School of Rural Public Health, and for the Baylor College of Dentistry simulation lab providing state of the art teaching capability. One cycle of strategic planning has been completed and accreditation teams are scheduled to visit BCD, SRPH and COM this year. Other notable accomplishments: HSC has initiated Student Advisory Council, which will provide direct input to the Office of President. Enrollment continues to increase, most notably at SRPH where 280 students are registered. Research grants and contract dollars increased in the last fiscal year by 35%. At the last legislative session, the HSC "took a bit of a hit" but not as bad as originally expected. BCD achieved full parity funding in relation to other Dental Schools. The Administration is awaiting federal bailout funds---but the Texas Legislature has not released those dollars yet. Finally, tuition de-regulation will not have much of an impact on HSC due to the lower numbers of students.

Dr. Elvin Smith: Outlined efforts by HSC to continue building the information system infrastructure within the Office of Student Affairs. Recruiting and retention efforts are also a central focus, vis-a-vis demonstrating that admission policies meet the goals of the state. The nursing shortage has led to efforts within the A&M System's six nursing programs to develop and expand nursing educational opportunities--possibly in Temple, College Station and Houston.

Dr. Barry Nelson: Provided an overview of documentation and reporting responsibilities required of his office to federal, state, local and system authorities. Some discussion occurred regarding UMBs (underutilized minority-owned businesses; aka HUBs (Historically Underutilized Businesses)) and current regulations which require that procurement and purchase requests be submitted (whenever possible) to UMBs. Some Faculty Senators present at the meeting gave anecdotal evidence that this requirement had resulted in delay and increased costs on their research projects.

Dr. David Carlson: As the new VP of Research and Graduate Studies, Dr. Carlson has made it his priority to meet with all components and the Faculty Senate. Areas of emphasis have also included reactivation of existing policies, restructuring of GSBS, and establishment of a Research Advisory Council. The area of Research Compliance and the infrastructure needed to demonstrate compliance is a high priority. Faculty Senators raised some questions concerning standards for student academic performance and a need to reexamine some of the policies. Dr. Smith pointed out that federal law requires satisfactory academic performance to be eligible for student financial assistance. Other issues that will be examined include the HSC?s relationship with the Research Foundation. Dr. Craig Blakely is working on a faculty/researcher survey concerning the Research Foundation.

Laura Smith: Currently the legislature is not in session which has allowed Laura the opportunity to work more one-on-one with lawmakers and committees providing them with information of the various concerns, activities and accomplishments of the components. She is working behind the scenes looking for opportunities to highlight and showcase the TAMUSHSC. Laura would appreciate any reports of contacts with committees or elected representatives so she can follow-up with them as needed.

Comments from the Chair: Speaker Dorsey gave her final remarks and thanked all of the Senators and personnel for helping to create a vital and active Faculty Senate.

Old Business:

Dr. Bellinger reported that the AFERRT document would be put on the web soon. One final review of the AFERRT "FAQ" is needed before posting the documents to the Faculty Senate Web Site. A Senator expressed concern that it is difficult to find the Faculty Senate Web site and that the web address should be highlighted on each component's opening web page to make it easier for faculty to find information.

New Business: Senate Officer elections were held. The new Speaker of the Senate is Farida Sohrabji, Ph.D. (congratulations); Deputy Speaker: Lynne Opperman (Baylor College of Dentistry); Secretary: Paul Brandt (College of Medicine @ Basic Science)

Standing Committee Reports:

Deferred until next meeting.

The meeting adjourned at 2:00 p.m.