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Oct. 10, 2002

The Texas A&M University System Health Science Center

Minutes of the HSC Faculty Senate Quarterly TTVN Meeting

October 10, 2002

10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.

Senators present

BCD:              Larry Bellinger, Ph.D., Byron Benson, D.D.S., M.S., Thomas McKinney, D.D.S., Barbara Miller, D.D.S., Edward Miller, Ph.D., Carolyn Wilson, D.D.S., M.S.D.

COM:            Paul Brandt, Ph.D., Cynthia J. Meininger, Ph.D., Alan Parrish, Ph.D., Thomas Peterson, Ph.D., Speaker


Clinical:        Cliff Buckley, M.D., Charlie Foulks, M.D., Jeana O'Brien, M.D., George Martinez, M.D.


IBT:                Andrew Spicer, Ph.D., Kishore K. Wary, Ph.D.

SRPH:            Robin Autenrieth, Ph.D., Jane Bolin, RN, JD, Alicia Dorsey, Ph.D.

Call to Order: Speaker Peterson called the meeting to order at 10:15 a.m.

Confirmation of a quorum: It was determined that a quorum was present.

Approval of minutes: There were no corrections to the October minutes. A motion was made by Dr. Foulks to accept the minutes as read and was seconded by Dr. Dorsey. Motion carried.

Comments from the Chair: Speaker Peterson welcomed everyone to the meeting and thanked Temple for hosting this quarterly meeting. The HSC Executive Committee has approved the "Extension of Time For Tenure". The documents relating to Posthumous and Honorary Degrees have also passed and will go to the legal department and will be posted on the HSC website after they return from legal. The Post Tenure Review Policy document has gone back to the legal department for review.

The College of Medicine is conducting a Dean's Search and the last of the three candidates has visited the campus. The Search Committee will meet during the next week or two and will discuss the next step in the selection process.

Old Business

Report from the Elections Committee. Dr. Parrish reported that Stephanie Smith had indicated that two web options exist in trying to use online voting for Senate elections. One option is to use an outside firm, but the cost is prohibitive ($3,000.00). Another option is to use the HSC web site; however, there is not sufficient time to get this arranged for this year's elections. Each component will have to be responsible for conducting their elections and then report the results to the Senate Election Committee

Discussion of suggested revision to the HSC Faculty Appointment, Promotion and Tenure Policy: Dr. Kelly Hester, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, COM, reported on the Faculty Appointment, Promotion and Tenure policy. President Dickey has asked the HSC AP&T Committee to look at the non-tenure track situation regarding representation of these faculty on the HSC AP&T Committee. The recommendation is to have only one committee at the HSC level to evaluate both the tenure track and the non-tenure track faculties. Dr. Buckley moved that a representative of the non-tenure track faculty be included on this committee. The motion passed unanimously.

After discussion of suggestions made by Dr. Hester, a motion was made that the chair of each component's AP&T committee be an alternate to the HSC AP&T committee so that issues of concern at the component level could be accurately represented at the HSC level. All Senators present were in favor of the motion and it passed unanimously. Members of the HSC APT include 2 voting members from each component. They are either appointed or nominated to this position.

Dr. Hester reported on Research Scholarships. He is concerned about the percentage of work being done. The percentage to keep these scholarships should be more than 50% or greater effort. At the current time 20% is acceptable. He also indicated that if we have to keep the clinical educator-research track at 20+% then the other non-tenure tracks must also be 20+% or there is no category for a Researcher, Educator, or Professional Service faculty member in the non-tenure track who is appointed with an FTE between 20-49%.

A rapid, extensive, and lengthy discussion of certain aspects (either clarifications or changes) of the AP&T document was led by Dr. Larry Bellinger who is Chair of the HSC AP&T Committee. (This discussion was so involved and point specific, that referral to the amended document is recommended for information about any specific issue included in the document).

Senator Bolin reported for the Personnel & Welfare Committee and discussion occurred concerning System Legal Office suggestions for revisions to the HSC Academic Freedom, Ethics, Responsibility, Rights and Tenure Policy. After extensive discussions about the changes recommended to this document, it was decided that the document should be returned to the Senate Personnel & Welfare Committee for drafting of a new document which would be in compliance with System policy.

New Business

Discussion of Regent's Professor selection procedure. Dr. Alan Parrish was asked to create a procedure on the Regent's Professor nominations. Each component can nominate a faculty member to be forwarded to the Board. HSC can nominate 2 candidates to the Regent's Professor selection. A committee has been set up to follow through with this. Committee members are: Drs. Spicer, Parrish, Dorsey, E. Miller, (leader).

Committee of the Whole

Dr. Peterson reported that the SACS accreditation changes were sent in mid-September and we'll know results in December.

The next meeting will be held in on Thursday, November 14, from 3:30 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Tom McKinney


HSC Faculty Senate