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Mar. 8, 2001

The Texas A&M University System Health Science Center

Minutes of the HSC

Faculty Senate meeting

Held by TTVN on March 8, 2001

From 3:45 p.m. - 4:55 p.m.

Senators present: Dennis Bastron, Sue Carozza, Robert Cederberg, Alicia Dorsey, Charles Foulks, Fred Gimble, Marvin Hirsh, Dean Hudson, James Martin, George Martinez, Tom McKinney, Gerald Meininger, Barbara Miller, Ed Miller, Jeana O=Brien, Alan Parrish, Frank Perez-Guerra, Tom Peterson, Robert Probe, Marty Scholtz, Dave Zawieja

Senators absent: Robin Autenrieth, John Gelderd, Paul Gershon, Geoffrey Kapler, James Martin

Guests present:

Call to Order

All sites were acknowledged as being connected via TTVN and at 3:45 p.m., Deputy Speaker Peterson began the meeting.

Approval of minutes

The minutes of the Faculty Senate meeting on February 8, 2001 were amended ( senators Carozza and Probe were marked as present rather than absent) and accepted unanimously.

Old Business:

Interim Dean for GSBS- Deputy Speaker Peterson reported that Dr. John Quarles had been appointed as the Interim Dean of the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences.  

Election Committee- Deputy Speaker Peterson reported that Scott & White was still conducting their election, but all other components had completed their elections.

Bylaws report- it was suggested that a more streamlined approach to conducting elections is indicated.  The secretary/treasurer needs to be removed from the path of information transfer; it would make more sense to use the caucus leaders to handle their local elections.  A change to the Bylaws will be necessary to facilitate this change.

Secretarial help- Dr. Cole is providing some secretarial help by allowing his secretary, Sara Wartes and a graduate student in the SRPH to be available if needed.  He also had provided funds for a lap top computer for the senate to use.  This computer has been ordered.

Search Committee for IBT Director- Secretary/treasurer McKinney presented an e-mail response from Senator Gershon regarding his suggestion that Senator Meininger step down as a member of the search committee.  After considerable discussion of the matter, it was decided that the Senate had responded properly to a request by Interim President Cole to elect a senator to serve on the IBT search committee.  A motion was made and seconded that since Senator Meininger had been elected to serve, he should remain on the committee, and if there was still a conflict with the committee Chair, Speaker Opperman and Senator Gershon should discuss this matter and try to arrive at a solution within the Senate if possible.  If this is not successful,  then the Executive Committee would try to resolve the issue.  Failing that, the issue would be brought to the attention of Dr. Cole.  The motion passed. 

Mission and Goals Statement - Senator Dorsey asked if the Senate would be willing to review the final document so that the record indicates that there was Senate review and approval of the document.  This is an important consideration for the SACS review.  Senator Probe and others indicated that they thought the document was too long and should be a more concise statement.  Senator Foulks also suggested that there be a parallel vision statement to accompany the Mission and Goals statement.  A motion was made and seconded that the document should be shortened and include a vision statement.   The motion passed.   Senator Zawieja requested that the Senate be allowed to see the final document from the committee prior to its implementation.  A motion to that effect was made, seconded, and passed.

Search Committee for HSC President - Previously, the Senate had voted to send a letter to the Chancellor requesting that a Senator be placed on the HSC Presidential Search Committee.  Speaker Opperman drafted a letter but had second thoughts about the appropriateness of sending it to the Chancellor so late in the process.  It was her desire for the Senate to reconsider the issue.  Several comments regarding the lateness of such a request to the Chancellor were made and Senator Zawieja indicated that when the Chancellor met with the Senate, no suggestion was made to include a Senator on the committee.  A motion was made and seconded that since the Senate had voted to send the letter it should still do so.  The motion was defeated.  

AP&T Committee Report - Senator Foulks has sent out copies of the modifications to the original HSC AP&T document to all senators.  Senator Dorsey suggested that the Senate consider the changes at the next meeting to give all senators time to evaluate the new document.  There was some concerns mentioned about the table on page 14 outlining the circumstances for stopping of the tenure clock.  Senator Foulks requested that a letter of thanks be sent to his secretary for all of her work on the AP&T document changes.  A motion to this effect was made, seconded, and passed.

CAFRT Report- Deputy Speaker Peterson reported that he and Speaker Opperman had a 3 hour phone call discussing the CAFRT document.  He indicated that the committee may recommend to the Senate that ethics be inserted into the name of this document, making it the CAFERT Document.

New Business:

Web Page - Senator Zawieja reported that for the Senate to move forward with the development of a web page, he needs to have up to date information about each senator and the newly elected alternates.

Committee of The Whole

No activity occurred.


A motion for adjournment was made, seconded, and passed and the meeting adjourned at 4:55 p.m.


Tom McKinney


HSC Faculty Senate