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July 11, 2001

HSC Faculty Senate Meeting,

July 12, 2001

Members Present:


Members Absent:


The meeting was called to order at 3:33 p.m.

Welcome/Call to Order:

Speaker OPPERMAN welcomed all members and called the meeting to order.

Confirmation of a quorum:

Speaker OPPERMAN called for quorum representation from those Senators present at each component.  It was determined that a quorum was present.

Approval of minutes:

Speaker OPPERMAN called for approval of the meeting minutes of June 14, 2001.  The minutes were unanimously approved with the following edits: 1) a change in the attendance record to indicate James MARTIN and Fred GIMBLE present and Robert CEDERBERG absent, and 2) the use of the word "component" for any reference to an institution or unit of the HSC.

HSC Presidents Search Update

Speaker OPPERMAN gave a brief update on the HSC Presidential Search.  The search committee has recently identified a short list of three candidates.  Speaker OPPERMAN was assured that the Faculty Senate would be included in the interview process for all candidates.  Senators from each HSC component will meet with each candidate as they tour their respective component.  The COM and SRPH senators will meet together with each candidate.  The staff and faculty meetings at each component will be separate from the Faculty Senate meetings with candidates.  The interviews will be scheduled sometime next month.

Senator DORSEY suggested that as soon as official communications are received, the Faculty Senate Speaker should post the information to the listserve unless the information has already been sent to all HSC faculty.  Speaker OPPERMAN agreed, therefore, future updates/information will be posted on the listserve.

FAPT Document

Senator BELLINGER presented the most recent edits and modifications to the format and content of the FAPT document.  Format changes to the FAPT document were made so that it would more closely resemble the TAMU FAPT document.  Some information in the document was moved to the appendices and there were minor changes in wording as well.  However, there were no real substantive changes to the document.  The FAPT document was distributed on the list serve for review prior to the meeting.  The HSC Executive Committee expects to receive this document back to them within the next 24 hours and they will vote on this document in two weeks.

Senator DORSEY asked Senator BELLINGER if the following scenario would trigger the full appointment process.  "If a component wants to hire an associate or full professor from another system component or from Texas A&M University, would they have to be reviewed through the regular appointment process even if they were going to teach a single course?"  Senator BELLINGER clarified that this would not trigger the appointment process because the primary appointment would be within the HSC and/or system.  

Senator BELLINGER called attention to the suggested language changes to section 5H on page 13 of the FAPT document. After number one it says, "A faculty member shall be advised in writing of the recommendations for or against tenure and/or promotion after component and HSC review".  The question posed was whether or not this would occur at each level and be required in writing.  Senator BELLINGER was unsure whether or not all nine levels would require a written statement.  He added that this procedure might require legal review and comment.

Senator BELLINGER asked that College of Medicine and Scott & White senators review Appendix B for any possible redundancy.  

Senator DORSEY brought forth a concern regarding the appointment process for hiring associate and full professors with tenure.  Page seven states that assistant professors can get credit for prior service but there is no comparable statement about prior service credit for hiring senior faculty.  If a component hires senior level faculty members at the associate or full level and follows the process as originally stated in the document, the process could take months to complete.  In order to expedite the process, there should be specific language added to the document to address the hiring of senior faculty.  Discussion ensued and Speaker OPPERMAN requested that Senator DORSEY prepare suggested language edits to address the hiring of senior faculty and forward to Senator BELLINGER.

FAPT Document Professional Service

Senator DORSEY commented on the difficulty in reading through the document and understanding the meaning of the term "professional service".  She further explained that for those individuals who are using the document as a template to prepare for tenure review that the information is very confusing. 

Following discussion of the meaning of the term "professional service", the Faculty Senate agreed that the term "institutional service" needed to be introduced to the document.  Clarification in the use of the terms "professional service" and "institutional service" will need to be included in the document as well.  Senator BELLINGER will incorporate the suggested changes.  Speaker OPPERMAN reiterated that the FAPT is a document that will continue to be revised and edited.  The Faculty Senate agreed that because they had already voted on and approved the document once, they did not need to vote again.  Instead they unanimously approved the language recommendations made by Senator BELLINGER at the meeting.

Speaker OPPERMAN suggested that any input senators may have on the FAPT document be sent directly to their respective dean or director prior to the next HSC Executive Committee meeting which will take place in two weeks.

Senator ZAWIEJA noted that the time line footnote of the FAPT document needs to be modified.  The Faculty Senate agreed that the footnote should reflect the date that the FAPT document was approved by the senate.  Senator BELLINGER agreed to handle the modification of the footnote.

CAFFERT Document

The CAFFERT document went forward to Dr. Bill Binnie, Interim Vice President for Academic Affairs. Speaker OPPERMAN reported that Dr. Binnie was very pleased and impressed with the document and how precisely it was written.  Dr. Binnie has forwarded the document to general counsel for final legal review.

Post Tenure Review Document

The HSC Executive Committee recommended that there would only be one Post Tenure Review  document for all HSC components.  The format of the document has not been decided yet.  Speaker OPPERMAN clarified that once the HSC Executive Committee has a draft version of the document they will forward it to the Faculty Senate for review and comment. 

Curriculum Committee Report

Senator GELDERD reported on the Curriculum Committee.  At the June Faculty Senate meeting Speaker OPPERMAN asked Senators GELDERD, MILLER, and DORSEY to review the curriculum committee recommendations.  The working group met with Dr. Elvin Smith and was informed that the Faculty Senate does not have any authority to review/approve the core curriculum for components of the HSC.   Furthermore, Dr. Smith stated that the HSC does not have any curriculum policies nor is there any reporting structure within the HSC for approval of curriculum change.  In light of Dr. Smith's information, it would appear that the Faculty Senate curriculum committee does not serve any real function.   Dr. Smith did state, however, that curriculum review/approval should be a real concern particularly with SACS accreditation coming up.  He offered to work with the Faculty Senate to begin developing a draft that would establish curriculum policies for the HSC.  Senator GELDERD stated that he felt that it is in the best interest of the senate to accept the offer to work with Dr. Smith in developing curriculum policy at the HSC level.

The senate reached a consensus that it would be better to be involved in the process of developing curriculum policy from the beginning.  Senators GELDERD, DORSEY, and MILLER did not pursue the issue any further after their meeting with Dr. Smith.

Senator DORSEY noted that there are currently no SACS requirements for component wide faculty input on curriculum.  However, there is a requirement for each component to have faculty governance over curriculum development.  Therefore, each component has been asked to document the extent to which there is oversight of curriculum development within their respective component.  

Speaker OPPERMAN requested that Senators GELDERD, MILLER, DORSEY and ZAWIEJA work together to research what other Texas Health Science Centers curriculum policies are and be prepared to bring the information to the September senate meeting.    

IBT July Faculty Senate Quarterly Meeting

The next HSC Faculty Senate meeting is scheduled for Thursday, August 9, 2001 at IBT.  Please RSVP to Peggy Kuykendall at IBT regarding your attendance of this meeting so that she may place meal orders and make adequate room accommodations.

Committee of the Whole

Senator MCKINNEY opened the Committee of the Whole call for business on behalf of Deputy Speaker Peterson who could not attend this meeting.  Senator ZAWIEJA explained that he is currently in the process of gathering information and data for the Faculty Senate website.  He is working on the membership of committees and has been unable to gather names for the Personnel and Welfare Committee. 

The name of the Personnel and Welfare Committee member representing each component should be sent to Senator MCKINNEY by the respective caucus leader.  Senator ZAWIEJA will ensure that the committee list is posted to the website.

There was no further business brought before the Committee of the Whole so Senator MCKINNEY called for a motion to adjourn.  The motion was approved.  Second.

HSC Faculty Senate Website

Senator ZAWIEJA reported that he is in the process of organizing all the data for the senate website.  He requested that Senator MCKINNEY forward all meeting minutes and agendas to the webmaster for posting.  Senator ZAWIEJA will ensure the information is posted.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:55 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Tom McKinney


HSC Faculty Senate

Thanks to Marnie Rhoads for transcribing the minutes