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Feb. 8, 2001

The Texas A&M University System Health Science Center


of the HSC

Faculty Senate meeting

Held by TTVN


February 8, 2001


3:32 p.m. - 5:04 p.m.

Senators present: Dennis Bastron, Robert Cederberg, Alicia Dorsey, John Gelderd, Paul Gershon, Fred Gimble, Marvin Hirsh, Dean Hudson, Jeff Kapler, James Martin, Tom McKinney, Gerald Meininger, Barbara Miller, Ed Miller, Jeana O=Brien, Lynne Opperman, Alan Parrish,  Tom Peterson,  Marty Scholtz, Tom Stanford, Dave Zawieja

Senators absent: Frank Perez-Guerra, Charlie Foulks, Robert Probe, Robin Autenrieth, Sue Carozza

Guests present: Dr. Eric Solomon and Dr. Kelly Hester

Call to Order

All sites were acknowledged as being connected via TTVN and at 3:32 p.m., Speaker Opperman called the monthly meeting to order and determining that a quorum was present.

Approval of minutes

The minutes of the Faculty Senate meeting on January 11, 2001 were amended and accepted unanimously.

SACS Accreditation

Speaker Opperman introduced Dr. Eric Solomon to address the Senate regarding the work of the HSC Mission and Goals Statement committee.  Dr. Solomon indicated that for SACS accreditation, the HSC must have a Mission and Goals statement and have a plan for evaluating institutional effectiveness.  He indicated that all faculty should have input into the development of this statement and plan.  All feedback will go to the HSC Strategic Planning Committee.  From this committee, the M & G statement will go to the Regents and then to the Coordinating Board.  It was pointed out, in response to a question, that all components of the HSC must be in alignment with the HSC guidelines, the University guidelines, and the State guidelines.

Dr. Opperman thanked Dr. Solomon for his comments and then introduced Dr. Kelly Hester who then discussed the progress of the HSC self study for the SACS accreditation.  He indicated that the first newsletter had been published by the Steering Committee, that Art Upton (BCD) will send e-mail updates to all faculty every month, discussed Awhere are we, where do we want to be@ as an HSC and specific criteria that have to be met.  He indicated that have been fully accredited for the last year.   The Steering Committee wrote the guidelines for the self-study and the first drafts are due on February 28.  The final report is due in September.  He indicated that a great number of faculty, students, staff , and administrators have been involved in the process.  Important points about being SACS accredited mentioned also included: 1) awarding of Federal funds, 2) evaluation is from Board of Regents all the way down, 3) all components will be visited, 4) faculty governance is very important to operation of institutions of higher learning, 5) policies and procedures must be written and in place, 6) SACS knew that the initial A, P & T document that was in place did not have faculty input but that the Senate was working on it, 7) the HSC CAFRT document was the University=s that they approved for HSC use, 8) updates to evolving documents will be asked for by SACS prior to their visit.  Dr. Hester indicated that we must have the CAFRT document in place by the site visit occurs. 

In response to a comment, Dr. Hester said that the self-study can be used to get things done because the HSC administration is very sensitive to the SACS accreditation process.  He said that the first draft will being problem areas to the surface, that a faculty manual for each component is a must and must have all information pertinent to employment, etc.  Dr. Bill Binnie has initiated the creation of an HSC manual with input from each component.  A copy of this will be sent to the Senate for evaluation.

Dr. Opperman thanked Dr. Hester for his comments.     

Election Committee Report

Senator Peterson gave a report of progress in the election of alternate senators as well as a new senator for the VA and a replacement senator for BCD.  The results were as follows: 1) BCD, senator is Dr. Carolyn Wilson and alternate senator is Dr. Larry Bellinger.  2) COM, alternate senator is Dr. Gul Russell. 3) IBT, alternate senator is Dr. Kishore Wary. 4) Scott & White has not completed their election.  5) VA, senator is Dr. George Martinez and alternate senator is Dr. Paul Bolton.  6) SRPH alternate senator is Dr. Charles Phillips.  7) GSBS alternate senator is Dr. Paul Brandt.

Search Committees

There was discussion about the fact that Dr. Paul Gershon has been elected as the chair of the Search Committee for the Director of IBT.  He suggested that Dr. Gerald Meininger step down from the committee since he is now the chair.  Discussion indicated that the wish of the Senate was for Dr. Meininger to serve on the committee.  A motion was made and seconded to keep him on the committee. The motion passed.  Dr. Opperman directed the Secretary/Treasurer to draft a letter to Dr. Gershon regarding the Senate=s action.

Old business:

CAFRT document report:  indication is that there was much confusion about which version of the old CAFRT document the senators were supposed to review.  The discussion centered around how to use the existing document and yet modify it to the needs of the HSC.  It was decided that the CAFRT document should not include P & T, but refer this issue to the P & T document.  A suggestion was made to form a CAFRT subcommittee to study the modification of the University=s CAFRT for HSC use.  Dr. Opperman is to ask TAMU lawyers if the HSC can use part of the TAMU document.

FAPT document report: Dr. Foulks reported that his committee has been studying the existing HSC  FAPT document and that just some minor changes would be needed for current use.  A motion was made and seconded that the Senate form an ad-hoc committee to revise the TAMU CAFRT document so that it is consistent with the HSC FAPT document.  The motion passed.

New Business:

Discussion occurred about the desire of the Senate to have a representative on the HSC President Search Committee.  A motion to have a representative was made and seconded and passed.     

Committee of The Whole

Dr. Gelderd reported that he had obtained permission for the Senate to be on the HSC web page.

HSC Curriculum committee report indicated that this committee is to decide what curriculum issues will come before the Senate for consideration.

Vice President for Research: there are two applicants: Dr. McCallum and Dr. West.

Mace design: copies of the proposed new mace design were presented for Senate evaluation.

Money for secretarial help: Dr. Cole has indicated that state money may not be used for this, but he will try to find funds to provide some help.  Dr. Opperman will ask TAMU how they fund secretarial help for the TAMU Senate. 


A motion for adjournment was made, seconded, and passed and the meeting adjourned at 5:04 p.m.


Tom McKinney


HSC Faculty Senate