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Faculty Senate Committees for 2013





Speaker: John M. Quarles , College of Medicine.  
Deputy Speaker: Karen Landry , College of Nursing.
Secretary/Treasurer: Ann Utterback, College of Nursing

Caucus Leaders

Ursula Winzer-Surhan, Ph.D. - College of Medicine - Basic Science, 

Catherine McNeal - College of Medicine - Basic Science 
Karen Landry, Ph.D., M.S.N., R.N. - College of Nursing  
Delwar Hussain, Ph.D. - College of Pharmacy
Rajesh Miranda, Ph.D., M.S., Ph.D. - School of Graduate Studies 
Hongwei Zhao, Sc.D. - School of Rural Public Health 
Allen Honeyman, Ph.D. - Texas A&M Baylor College of Dentistry 


Former Speaker and ex officio member of the Executive Committee:

Kenneth A. Bolin, D.D.S., M.P.H. - Texas A&M Baylor College of Dentistry


Elections & Awards Committee:

Khal Ajlouni, D.D.S., M.S. - College of Dentistry
Greg Bix, M.D., Ph.D. - College of Medicine - Basic Science
Scott Thomas, M.D. - College of Medicine - Clinical
Rajat Sethi, Ph.D. - College of Pharmacy
Mary Alice Middlebrooks, R.N., M.S.N. - College of Nursing
Jiang Chang, M.D., Ph.D - Institute of Biosciences and Technology
Jane N. Bolin, B.S.N., J.D., Ph.D. - School of Rural Public Health


Personnel & Welfare Committee:

Pat Campbell, R.D.H., M.S. - College of Dentistry
Janet L. Parker, Ph.D. - College of Medicine - Basic Science
Timothy P. Pfanner, M.D - College of Medicine - Clinical
Dr. Srinkath Kolluru - College of Pharmacy 
Willa Decker, R.N., M.S.N., M.A., FNP-BC - College of Nursing

Leyuan Liu, Ph.D - Institute of Biosciences and Technology
Jerry Congleton, Ph.D. - School of Rural Public Health

Speaker Series Committee:

Don Self, Ph.D. - College of Medicine - Basic Science
Ian Steele-Russell, Ph.D. - College of Medicine - Basic Science
Delwar Hussain, Ph.D. - College of Pharmacy  
Brenda Austin, M.S.N., B.S.N. - College of Nursing  
Rajat Sethi, Ph.D. - College of Nursing  
Francisco Rivera-Hidalgo, B.S, D.M.D., M.S.- Baylor College of Dentistry


Catherine Hawes, SRPH, Chair
Bob Hutchins, BCD, Vice-Chair
Byron (Pete) Benson (2012) - Baylor College of Dentistry
Ali Bolouri (2013) - Baylor College of Dentistry
Lynne Opperman (2014) - Baylor College of Dentistry
Reginald Taylor (Alternate) - Baylor College of Dentistry
Ian Steele-Russell (2013) - College of Medicine 
Don Self (2014) - College of Medicine
Steve Maxwell (2012) - College of Medicine
Warren Zimmer (Alternate) - College of Medicine
Diane Benson (2012) - College of Nursing 
Mingyao Liu (2012) - Institute of Biosciences and Technology 
Fen Wang (2012) - Institute of Biosciences and Technology
Anne Sweeney (2013) - School of Rural Public Health
Joseph Sharkey (2013) - School of Rural Public Health
Charles D. Phillips (2012) - School of Rural Public Health
Jane N. Bolin (Alternate) - School of Rural Public Health

CASH Committee:

Susan Roshan - Baylor College of Dentistry
Kenneth Anthony Bolin - Baylor College of Dentistry
Cindy Scroggins (alternate) - Baylor College of Dentistry
Allison Ficht - College of Medicine - Basic
David Zawieja - College of Medicine - Basic
Willa Decker - College of Nursing
Kristopher Virga - College of Pharmacy
Rajat Sethi - College of Pharmacy
Joe Sharkey (alternate) - School of Rural Public Health
Catherine Hawes - School of Rural Public Health - Committee Chair