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Faculty Senate Caucus

Pat Campbell  [email protected]  Assoc. Prof., Dental Hygiene 
Allen Honeyman  [email protected]  Assoc. Prof., Biomedical Sciences
Lynne Opperman  [email protected]  Prof., Biomedical Sciences
Lorenzo Prats  [email protected]  Clin. Asst. Prof., Restorative Sciences
Emet Schneiderman  [email protected]  Assoc. Prof., Biomedical Sciences
Charles Wakefield  [email protected]  Prof., General Dentistry
Jeffrey Cirillo  [email protected]  Prof., MPIM
Gerald Frye  [email protected]  Prof., NEXT
Tresa McNeal  [email protected]  Asst. Prof., Internal Medicine
Rajesh Miranda  [email protected]  Prof., NEXT (Caucus Leader)
John Quarles  [email protected]  Prof., MPIM
Mark Sicilio  [email protected]  Asst. Prof., Pediatrics
Cynthia Hudson  [email protected]  Assoc. Prof.
Karen Landry  [email protected]  Asst. Prof.
Bret Bessac  [email protected]  Asst. Prof., Pharmaceutical Sciences
Mohammad Nutan  [email protected]  Assoc. Prof., Pharmacy
Landan Panahi (alt.)  [email protected]  Asst. Prof., Pharmacy Practice
Bita Kash [email protected] Asst. Prof., Health Policy and Manag.
Hongwei Zhao [email protected] Assoc. Prof., Epidemiol. and Biostat.
Last edited by: kauder 09/01/2014

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