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Posted Thursday, May 26, 2016 4:44 PM

Bryan / College Station

The Bryan/College Station area is experiencing continued heavy rainfall with several flooded roads. For your safety, please continue monitoring local weather and do not attempt to cross flooded roadways. Remember, turn around, don’t drown.

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Material Transfer Agreements

In order to complete a Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) with the HSC, please follow the applicable procedure below. For more information, contact:

Elise Winchester

Program Coordinator for Research Compliance

For Materials Coming Into the HSC

  • The HSC PI requesting the material should contact the provider institution and obtain an approved MTA (without signatures).
  • The HSC PI signs the MTA and completes the HSC MTA Routing Form.  All materials are then forwarded to the PI's respective, college-based Office of Research (see below).
  • The college-based Office of Research will review the MTA and the Associate Dean for research will sign off.  They will then forward the MTA to the HSC Office of Research.
  • The HSC Office of Research will obtain all additional signatures (both from the provider institution and the HSC VPR) and then distribute the fully executed MTA to all applicable parties.

For Materials Going Out of the HSC

  • The HSC PI providing the material should draw up a draft MTA and forward the MTA and routing form to their college-based Office of Research for approval.
  • The college-based Office of Research will then forward the signed MTA and routing form to the HSC Office of Research.
  • The HSC Office of Research will then obtain all remaining signatures and will distribute the fully executed MTA to all applicable parties.

 Please note:  MTA turnover is generally handled over a 2 week timeframe.  However, depending on the other institution involved in the process, full execution may take upwards of one month or more.  The HSC Office of Research will do everything in their power to complete the process as quickly as possible; however, immediate turn-over (1-2 days) is unlikely due to the number of signatures that need to be obtained.

 PIs should send MTAs and routing forms to the following offices.  These offices will then forward to the HSC Office of Research for full execution.

Component Contact
College of Medicine

Mary Ann Wolff

College of Pharmacy

Ramey Benfield

Institute of Biosciences and Technology

Mary Cole (Center for Cancer and Stem Cell Biology)

Olivia Cabrera (Center for Infectious and Inflammatory Diseases)

Tia Berry (Dr. Walker)

Navella Richard (Dr. Hook)

Nancy Shipley (Dr. Stephan)

Texas A&M Baylor College of Dentistry

Dr. Lynne Opperman

Colleen West

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