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Parking FAQs

How do I purchase a 24 hr Reserved Numbered Space?
24 hr Reserved Numbered Spaces are available to those with the title of Director and above. If you qualify, send an email requesting a space to parking@tamhsc.edu. Your request will be reviewed for eligibility and you will be notified of the purchase process if approved.
I will only be attending class on the Texas A&M Health Science Center campus for one semester. Why do I have to pay for the whole year?
Our permits are set up on a 12 month, prorated system. You will pay the prorated amount through the end of the permit year upon purchase. At the end of the semester, you will be refunded the prorated difference upon returning the permit. This is the most economical purchase option at $20/month.
Can I use temporary permits to park for the semester?
Our permits are set up on a 12 month, prorated system. You will pay the prorated amount through the end of the permit year upon purchase. At the end of the semester, you will be refunded the prorated difference upon returning the permit. This is the most economical purchase option at $20/month.
I am transferring to Texas A&M at the end of the semester. Can I give my permit to my friend since it is already paid for?
Permits are not transferrable between individuals, either by selling or giving to them without cost. The original purchaser will be accountable for any citations.
I have a TAMU permit and only work in the lab periodically. Do I need to buy a Texas A&M Health Science Center permit also?
If you own a TAMU permit, you may request an HSC Overlay at no charge. Both permits will need to be displayed together as the HSC Overlay is not valid on its own.
I purchased a Texas A&M Health Science Center permit and need to work in the labs at TAMU. Will my permit work there?
Your Texas A&M Health Science Center permit is only valid in TAMU lots designated as “Any Valid Permit” lots, such as 43, 90, 100, 110, 113, 117, and 120. 
See the map at http://transportmap.tamu.edu/parkingmap/tsmap.htm?map=avp
I own a motorcycle and want to ride it to campus. Do I need a permit?
All vehicles parked on the campus need to display a permit. Motorcycle permits are available for purchase on the website for $88. If you own an Annual Parking Permit at either TAMU or the Texas A&M Health Science Center, you may purchase a permit at half price ($44) from both schools. You must display the permit for the respective school to park on the respective campus so if you plan to park your motorcycle on both campuses, you must buy both permits.
My car was towed from campus. Do I have to pay my citations before I can get my car?
You must pay your citations before picking up your car. If it is parked on campus and has 3 or more citations or $100 or more in fines, it is subject to towing, even if it is legally parked.
I have 4 citations for not displaying a permit. I just bought my permit and have my receipt on my dashboard. Can I be towed?
Purchasing your permit brings you into compliance so you will not be cited for “No Permit” as long as the receipt and eventually the permit are properly displayed. You are still liable to be towed as you have more than 3 outstanding citations.
Can I ride the bus from TAMU to the Texas A&M Health Science Center Bryan Campus?
The Bryan campus is served by the TAMU Transportation Services "RePlant" (02) route.
See this link for details:  https://transport.tamu.edu/busroutes/Route02.aspx
I am a TAMU student who is employed as a student worker at the Texas A&M Health Science Center. I do not drive to campus and ride the bus so I do not have a permit for TAMU. The bus route doesn’t allow me to work many hours. Can you help?
We have made a special arrangement for your specific situation. We will sell you a temporary permit at a discounted rate of $20/month. To assist in the recruitment and retention of student workers, we will be offering a temporary parking permit for $20/month. This permit is being offered with the following very specific guidelines and restrictions:
  • The only persons eligible for this permit are those students employed as student workers by the Texas A&M Health Science Center who DO NOT possess a TAMU permit and are thus not eligible for the HSC Overlay. This information will be verified prior to sale. Permits will become void should the student purchase a TAMU permit and HSC Overlay. Please verify eligibility prior to permit purchase as purchases are non-refundable.
  • This is not intended to replace a primary parking permit for students of the Texas A&M Health Science Center or Blinn College and will not be issued to any of these students.
I received a citation and can only afford to pay half of it. Can I do that?
You may make partial payment on you citation but it will remain active until paid in full.
I have several citations and to avoid receiving more, I quit parking on campus and take the bus. Am I still liable for the citations since I don’t park here anymore?
The citations will remain valid until paid. Failing to satisfy this debt will result in a hold being placed on your grades and transcripts and this will also prevent you from registering for future classes. These outstanding citations will also accumulate late fees if not paid.
If the HSC Overlay is free, why do I need to get a new one each year?
The HSC Overlay, while free, does expire at the same time as the annual permit.
I trade vehicles with my spouse periodically. Can I leave my permit is one vehicle and my receipt in the other since I did buy a permit?
The permit purchase receipt is only valid for a period of 14 days. During this time you should receive your permit in the mail.
I bought my permit online and printed my receipt to put in my car. My friends have received their permits but I haven’t. Should I be worried?
If you fail to receive the permit within 14 days of purchase, please contact our office to file for a lost permit. A replacement permit will be provided. You will sign a sworn affidavit stating that you will turn in the permit if it does eventually arrive. Should it arrive and you give to someone to use, the vehicle displaying the permit will be cited and towed and both will face disciplinary action up to and including being barred from campus.
Can I share a permit with my roommate since we both attend class at the same time?
You can share a permit with several people but only one person can be the responsible person regarding ownership and any citations received.
Can I use a TAMU Night permit with an HSC Overlay?
You may use the HSC Overlay with a TAMU Night permit but it will only be valid between 5pm and 6am. Outside of those times it will be considered an invalid permit.