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OIS Mission Statement


The Office of International Services (OIS) is committed to providing an environment in which each individual international student and scholar is able to share his/her own culture with the rest of the HSC community, and through the same process learn to value and respect all cultures of the world. Their presence and integration into academic, community and student life is essential in helping meet the overall mission of the Health Science Center of "advancing the knowledge and technologies of HSC professions, and to bringing Texans the finest in health education, promotion and care."

Moreover, the OIS strives to ensure that each international student is given the opportunity to experience a rich and meaningful experience through the following measures:

  1. By providing the students and scholars with comprehensive information regarding federal government regulations that affect their status in the United States.       
  2. By serving the HSC international community through the coordination and administration of programs that are designed to meet those special needs that are not specifically within the province of the student's academic advisor or department staff.
  3. By providing socio-cultural and educational opportunities that will ease the adjustment process of international students and scholars as well as enhance their learning experience at the Health Science Center.
  4. By providing an environment conducive to the scholastic and cultural well-being of our international community.
  5. By providing opportunities to advance internationalization of the Health Science Center through international events, services and programs.