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Staff Directory

Title Phone E-Mail
Alexander, Callie Financial Specialist I 979-436-9244
Buford, Debbie Administrative Assistant 979-436-9201
Bosquez, Thomas Director, HUB Operations, Procurement Services and TAMHSC Contracts Officer 979-436-9216
Bounds, Robby Purchasing Manager & Assistant HUB Administrator 979-436-9219
Burton, Jeff Associate Vice President & Assistant Controller 979-436-9226
Caddle, Carole Inventory Officer 979-436-9231
Cadena, Paula Assistant Financial Manager 979-436-9236
Cervenka, Mark Facilities Manager 979-436-9258
Chavarria, Mike Contract Specialist 979-436-9218
Dees, Jessica Senior Financial Accountant 979-436-9246
Dominguez, Claudia Senior Financial Accountant 979-436-9233
Elbrich, Debbie Assistant Financial Manager - Accounts Payable 979-436-9239
Front Desk Finance & Administration 979-436-9200
Haley, Donna Financial Specialist II 979-436-9245
Hall, Rhonda Financial Accountant III
Hanks, Clay Director of Facilities and Safety Administration 979-458-7275
Hobbs, Willie Assistant to the Vice President 979-436-9203
Johnson, Kim Human Resources Coordinator 979-436-9210
Kelly, Karen Financial Accountant I
King, Grant Assistant Financial Manager 979-436-9232
Landers, Tricia Human Resources Manager
Lynn, Richard Chief Facilities Engineer 979-436-9010
McLin, Carl Director and Chief Human Resources Officer, Payroll & HR Services
Milburn, Raye Senior Associate Vice President & Controller 979-436-9204
Miller, Kathy Risk Management 979-436-9250
Moran, Trevor Senior Information Technology Consultant 979-436-9235
Nace, Kristin Assistant Vice President Fiscal Services and Budgets 979-436-9228
Nachlinger, Jim Executive Director, Payroll & HR Services 979-436-9207
Nelson, Barry Vice President for Finance & Administration 979-436-9200
Peabody, Darliss Senior Staff Accountant
Scasta, Lee Ann Accounts Payable-Financial  Accountant I 979-436-9242
Scott, Penny Financial Accountant II 979-436-9234
Walton, Matt Risk Manager 979-436-9248
Last edited by: moran 10/21/2014

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