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Student Enrollment

Students must be enrolled at least half-time in a degree-seeking program to be eligible for most federal (Stafford and PLUS loans) and state financial aid. As federal and state grants are also awarded on a graduated scale, enrollment hours are reviewed at the time of disbursement and then again on the respective academic period’s census date (12th class day) as established by the TAMHSC Office of the Registrar. Credit hours reported on the census date will determine eligibility and, in some cases, amount(s).

If a student is enrolled in coursework that does not count toward the degree, those credit hours are not used to determine total enrollment as it pertains to financial aid. Exceptions are made for noncredit or remedial courses approved by the respective College.

Minimum Standards for Enrollment - Credit Hours

StatusUndergraduateGraduateSummer GraduateProfessional
Hrs for Full-Time Assistance/Year 24 18 NA NA
Hrs for Full-Time Assistance/Term 12 9 6 NA
Hrs for 3/4-Time Assistance/Year 18 14 NA NA
Hrs for 3/4-Time Assistance/Term 9 7 NA NA
Hrs for Half-Time Assistance/Year 12 10 NA NA
Hrs for Half-Time Assistance/Term 6 5 3 NA

Repeated Coursework and Remediation

Federal regulation (Program Integrity Rules of July 2011) limits the number of times a student may receive financial aid for a repeated course.

  • A student may receive financial aid to repeat a previously passed course only one time.
  • A student may receive financial aid to repeat a previously failed course until it is passed.
  • Enrollment in previously passed course two times or more will not be counted toward the minimum standards for enrollment (above).

 As a result of the rules, financial aid fund amounts which are calculated based on full- or part-time status may require revision. Revisions may be processed at any time repeated coursework issues are identified. Most thesis, dissertation and research hours are exempt from being defined as repeated coursework as long as the TAMHSC College acknowledges the students progression toward a degree (see Satisfactory Academic Progress). All enrolled hours, whether repeated or not, are counted as attempted hours when determining the rate of progress (see below).

 Consortium Agreement

The Consortium Agreement Form is used by some students with dual enrollment in the Texas A&M Health Science Center (TAMHSC) and Texas A&M University who are seeking financial aid from TAMHSC. Texas A&M and TAMHSC offer an impressive variety of outstanding academic programs and engage in significant world-class research activities. A cooperative visiting students program has been approved by both institutions to facilitate interested, qualified students to take advantage of unique educational opportunities at both institutions and reduce procedural requirements for such students. Specifically, the visiting graduate students program allows graduate students enrolled at either Texas A&M or TAMHSC to take courses or engage in research at the other component during a regular semester or summer session.

 Classes being taken at a host institution in conjunction with an approved consortium agreement are included in the determination of a student’s enrollment status if they are counted toward the degree pursued at TAMHSC. Consortium agreements are required for matriculated degree-seeking students at a less than half-time status requesting financial aid from TAMHSC and enrolled in classes at a host institution. Go to Forms for more information.

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