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Faculty Recruitment Procedures

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12.99.99.Z1.01 (IP)

Approved August 22, 2001


1.1. Successful faculty recruitment is critical to the success of the Health Science Center (HSC) in meeting its responsibilities for teaching, research, service, patient care, and other missions. The procedures outlined in this document are designed to provide a uniform method for authorizing and processing requests for faculty recruitment from the HSC's member institutions. These procedures are to be carried out in a manner consistent with applicable Texas A&M; University System (TAMUS) Policies, in particular TAMUS Policy 33.02 regarding equal employment opportunity.

1.2. The procedures in this document apply to faculty or faculty equivalent positions (50% effort or greater) and to all Associate Professor and Professor appointments regardless of percent FTE or compensation level. The HSC President has delegated approval authority to the component Dean/Director for faculty appointments of less than 50% FTE below the rank of Associate Professor. Faculty members who were initially hired at less than 50% effort must receive presidential approval in order to increase percent effort to 50% or above.


2.1 Written authorization from the HSC President or designee must be received prior to initiation of the recruitment process for vacant or new faculty positions, subject to section 1.2.

2.2. To begin the process, a completed Authorization to Recruit Faculty form (see attached) must be submitted to the President through the Vice President for Academic Affairs. The information on this form should be brief, but contain enough detail to clearly delineate the role to be assigned to the potential faculty member.

2.3. Once authorization is obtained from the Office of the President, the recruitment process may be initiated by the Dean or Director of the component. Such authorization is limited to the recruitment and selection process, and does not include authorization to offer the position to the candidate.


3.1. Written approval by the Office of the President is required before a formal offer may be sent to the candidate.

3.2. Once a candidate has been identified, a formal letter of offer to the candidate must be submitted to the Office of the President through the Vice President for Academic Affairs. This letter must be signed by the appropriate Dean or Director and should include pertinent aspects of the offer, including: rank; tenure decision (if applicable, after appropriate HSC review and approvals -- see HSC Appointment, Promotion and Tenure Review Document); tenure review schedule (if tenure is not granted); salary; and description of duties. The following items should accompany this letter:

  • Recruitment Process Description - A letter from the Department Chair or Director to the Vice President of Academic Affairs that includes a description of the selection process, a summary of the reasons for selection, the number of offers that were declined, specific methods used to identify underrepresented minorities and women, and a statement that the prospective faculty member is fluent in English. (See attached sample letter.)
  • The Applicant Analysis form should be attached to the above letter.
  • Approval of Offer to Prospective Faculty Member and either
  • Tenure Track Probationary Agreement or Non-Tenure Track Agreement

3.3. All offer letters will be signed by the appropriate Dean or Director, and will also be countersigned with an "approved by" signature line for the President. After securing the President's signature and approval, the letter will be returned to the appropriate Dean or Director for mailing.


The Office of the HSC President

Appendix (divided into PDF documents below)