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Faculty Senate

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Approved October 11, 1999
Supplements System Policy 12.04


The Faculty Senate shall serve as the representative voice of the entire faculty of the Health Science Center. As an advising and recommending body, the Faculty Senate reports to the President and provides an opportunity for Health Science Center-wide faculty participation in the governance of the institution. The Faculty Senate functions in accordance with its constitution and by-laws.

The goals of the Faculty Senate are to:

  • Foster a community of mutual respect and cooperation within the Health Science Center;
  • Facilitate effective faculty participation in academic governance;
  • Broaden communication in matters of concern to the Health Science Center; and
  • Engage the faculty's skills in the guidance of the Health Science Center's programs in order to achieve excellence in all areas of its mission.


The five member institutions of the Health Science Center comprise the Faculty Senate electoral units. Currently these are the Baylor College of Dentistry, the College of Medicine, the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences, the Institute of Biosciences and Technology, and the School of Rural Public Health.

2.1 Faculty Senate shall conduct its own election involving the faculty units of the member institutions. These units are to assure representation of both tenure and non-tenure track faculty, with tenure-track faculty holding a majority of Senate seats from each of the five member institutions.

2.2 The Faculty Senate shall meet regularly and will rotate meeting locations among the four geographic sites of the electoral units. The Senate will determine the timing and order of rotation for the meetings.

2.3 The Senate shall establish regular communication with the Health Science Center President and the President's Cabinet.

2.4 The Health Science Center shall provide the administrative support and resources required by the Faculty Senate to carry out it functions.

2.5 The committee on Academic Freedom, Responsibility and Tenure functions apart from the Faculty Senate and is not associated with the Senate.


 Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs