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Facilities and Utilities

Gas Odor

  • Warn others in the immediate area.
  • Vacate and secure the area.
  • Notify the department head.
  • Meet with and assist emergency response personnel.

Major Leak (e.g., pipeline break):

  • Call 911 (tell the caller name, location of leak, etc.).
  • Initiate evacuation of the building, or if outside, isolate the area.
  • Warn others in the immediate area.
  • Prevent sources of ignition (electrical equipment, etc.).
  • Meet with and assist emergency response personnel.
  • Do not re-enter the building or outside area until it is cleared by authorized personnel.

Water Leaks

If water is leaking and/or flooding:

  • Contact Utilities or your local plumbing service, and provide them with your name, your location, contact number, type of emergency (i.e., water leaking/flooding), and any special directions.
  • Do not attempt to enter flooded areas without proper precautions (i.e., power shutdown to room/area). If possible, mover property (office equipment, lab equipment, etc.) away from water leaks/flooding after necessary precautions have been taken.
  • The facilities, planning, and engineering office will inform the room/area once the problem has been corrected.
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