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A large percentage of workplace accidents and injuries occur in office buildings. Like the shop or laboratory, the office requires a few preventive measures to ensure a safe and healthful environment. Common causes of office accidents include the following:

  • Slipping, tripping, and falling hazards
  • Burning, cutting, and pinching hazards
  • Improper lifting and handling techniques
  • Unobservant and inattentive employees
  • Improper office layout and arrangement
  • Dangerous electrical wiring
  • Exposure to toxic substances
  • Horseplay

The following sections address several office safety practices. Other preventive measures not mentioned here may be necessary also. Contact your Safety Office if you have any questions or concerns.

REMEMBER: The office building is not a sterile working environment; common workplace hazards can be extra dangerous when you ignore them.

Refer to other chapters in this manual, such as Electrical Safety, General Safety, Fire Safety, and others for more information on workplace safety. Always use common sense when safety is a concern.