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First Aid

First aid training is necessary to prevent and treat sudden illness or accidental injury. The primary objective of first aid is to save lives. This objective is achieved with the following:

  • Preventing heavy blood loss
  • Maintaining breathing
  • Preventing further injury
  • Preventing shock
  • Getting the victim to a physician or Emergency Medical Service (EMS) People who provide first aid must remember the following:
  • Avoid panic.
  • Inspire confidence.
  • Do only what is necessary until professional help is obtained. The following sections provide general information for handling common injuries and illnesses.

10. First Aid Kits

A basic first aid kit should be available in each building, department, and vehicle. Suitable contents for this kit include sterile bandages, tape, scissors, ice packs, plastic gloves, and a mouth-to-mouth breathing tube. Aspirin or other oral medications, ointments or creams, eye drops, antiseptic solutions, or inhalants are not recommended in first aid kits. Inform employees of the location of first aid kits. Inventory supplies and restock items, as necessary.