Hazard Communication for Healthcare Facilities - 2111510
With this step-by-step video, workers learn to use material safety data sheets, or MSDS’s, to answer questions regarding a chemical’s names, proper usage, company of origin and hazardous ingredients as well as hazards associated with its use. The training covers different types of hazards, such as toxic substances, irritants, combustibles, flammables, corrosives, carcinogens, and radiation, while explaining dangers and traits associated with each substance.
All laboratory and health services workers.
Time Required
20 to 22 minutes
Topics Covered

• Introduction
• Labels
• Technical Terms
• Toxic Substances
• Corrosives & Irritants
• Flammables & Combustibles
• Other Hazards
• PPE & Chemical Storage
• Exposure Situations
• Hazardous Spills
• Review

Hazardous Communication For Lab & Healthcare Workers Course