Asbestos Awareness - 2111514
In order to best protect yourself from asbestos, you first need to know where you might come into contact with it at your workplace.

It is critical you are well prepared if you have to work around asbestos; if you either have to remove asbestos or work next to it you need to understand how to protect yourself from its harmful side effects. With this training you will do just that; understand the dangers inherent in working with asbestos, as well as how to best avoid any potential harm to yourself.

All Facilities and Construction workers and those who may work in environments where they may become exposed to asbestos
Time Required
12 to 18 minutes
Topics Covered

• Introduction
• What is Asbestos?
• Reducing Chances of Exposure
• Thermal System Insulation
• Floor & Ceiling Tiles
• Sprayed-on Materials
• Clean-up Process
• Review