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Guidelines for Name Changes

Complete the Name Change Request to reflect your name as you want it to appear on all official Texas A&M Health Science Center records, including   your diploma.

You may NOT change your name on only one portion of your records or diploma.  The same name must appear on all documents in your permanent records and on your diploma.

Name changes are entered ONE TIME ONLY, at the time legal documentation is presented.  Any further name change must be accompanied by new legal documentation.

You will need to submit all future correspondence  (transcript requests, etc.) using your new name once the change has been entered.

Name changes for degree candidates must be completed within one week after the deadline to apply for graduation.  Students submitting a name change request after this date must pay an additional diploma fee to receive a diploma with their new name.  Also, diplomas ordered after this deadline may not be received in time for distribution at the commencement ceremony.

Name changes may be made as follows:

  • FIRST NAME -   You may not drop, alter, or change your first name without legal documentation as defined below.  Marriage licenses certificates or decrees of divorce are not acceptable in this case.
  • MIDDLE NAME - When changing your name based on a marriage license or certificate, you may drop your given middle name or change it to initial only.  The maiden name may be added or used instead of the given middle name.
  • LAST NAME -   When changing your name based on a marriage license or certificate, the maiden name may be dropped completely, or it may be used with the married name.  A combined surname will be hyphenated.
Examples of name changes resulting from various combinations:
When Janet Mary Smith marries John Jones
First Middle  Last Result
Janet -- Jones Janet Jones
Janet Mary Jones Janet Mary Jones
Janet M. Jones Janet M. Jones
Janet Smith Jones Janet Smith Jones
Janet S. Jones Janet S. Jones
Janet Mary Smith Jones Janet Mary Smith Jones
Janet  M. Smith Jones Janet M. Smith Jones
Janet   Mary S. Jones Janet Mary S. Jones
Janet M. S. Jones Janet M. S. Jones
Janet  -- Smith-Jones  Janet Smith-Jones
Janet Mary Smith-Jones Janet Mary Smith-Jones
Janet M. Smith-Jones Janet M. Smith-Jones

Procedure For Requesting A Name Change

  1. Complete the Name Change Request form.  Fill out ALL required information.
  2. Provide legal documentation for the name change.  If you present your Name Change Request in person, you will need to bring the original document so that a copy can be made.  If you send your Name Change Request by mail, you must include a notarized official copy of your documentation.

The ONLY acceptable documents for a name change are:

  1. Marriage license or certificate.  The document must bear an official stamp of the County in which the marriage is registered and include filing information for the County Records (book, volume, folio, and/or page numbers).
  2. Final decree of divorce.  This document must include the front page, pages with the page on which the name change decree appears.
  3. Birth Certificate.
  4. Naturalization Certificate.
  5. Passport or Visa.
  6. Court Order.

Documents that CANNOT be used for the purpose of requesting a name change are:

  1. Driver's License
  2. Social Security Card