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Diversity Statement

Texas A&M Health Science Center educational programs are designed to meet the health workforce needs of Texas. HSC admissions criteria are aligned to foster the graduation of health professionals who will be responsive to the needs of the increasingly diverse population of the State. The HSC is committed to the importance of diversity in the recruitment and education of future health professionals and holds that diversity enhances the delivery of care and service to communities across a broad range of racial and ethnic groups and promotes efforts to reduce health disparities among these groups. A diverse student body raises the cultural competence of all health professional students. Diversity is not solely limited to race and ethnicity, but also encompasses talents, life skills and special attributes. This commitment to diversity is expressed through the identification, recruitment, selection, matriculation and graduation of qualified health professions students from different racial, ethnic and/or disadvantaged backgrounds. Our goals are for the HSC student body to mirror the growing diversity of the Texas population and the promotion of understanding among our students and graduates of the multiple and varied needs of the individuals and communities which comprise the population of Texas.