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Consortium Agreements

Visiting Graduate Student Program between Texas A&M University and the Texas A&M Health Science Center

Explanation for Students and Faculty Advisors


Texas A&M University (TAMU) and the Texas A&M University System Health Science Center (HSC) offer an impressive variety of outstanding academic programs and engage in significant world-class research activities. A cooperative visiting students program has been approved by both institutions to facilitate interested, qualified students take advantage of unique educational opportunities at both institutions and reduce procedural requirements for such students. Specifically, the visiting graduate students program allows graduate students enrolled at either TAMU or the HSC to take courses or engage in research at the other component during a regular semester or summer session.

Specific Features of the Agreement

Officials at TAMU and the HSC have each agreed to the following:

  1. Accept for course credit and GPR calculation completed coursework from one another’s components;
  2. Waive any transfer credit restrictions such that courses from either institution will not be included in any maximum allowable transfer credits;
  3. Include completed coursework for transcript designation;
  4. Provide timely approval of a student’s proposed visitation, contingent on space and desired courses being readily available in the proposed visitation programs and, for participation in a research laboratory, on approval of the director or principal investigator of the laboratory;
  5. Maintain enrollment of the visiting student at the home institution, subject to that institution’s enrollment policies.
    • A visiting student will not be regularly admitted by the host institution
    • A visiting student should not assume s/he would be eligible for transfer to the host institution
    • A visiting student will not be eligible to receive financial aid from the host institution and the home institution simultaneously.
  6. Send all official transcripts for visiting students in batch to the home institution’s Registrar at the end of each semester, thus eliminating the need for individual transcript requests by the student.

Additional details of this agreement are available through the Office of the Registrar at either institution.