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Change of Address Procedures

The student's current mailing address and permanent address must be correctly listed on HSC records.  Any change in the student's address should be promptly reported to the Office of the Registrar.  A student will not be excused from penalties on grounds of not receiving communications mailed from the HSC if the student failed to report the new address. Students may change their address in the myHSC portal. 


Name Change Procedures

A Name Change Request form may be obtained in the Office of the Registrar or downloaded here.  Fill out the form to reflect your name as you want it to appear on all official HSC records, including your diploma.  All future correspondence with the HSC must be submitted using your new name.  Name changes for degree candidates must be completed within one week after the deadline to apply for graduation.  Students submitting a name change request after this date must pay an additional diploma fee to receive a diploma with their new name.  Also, diplomas ordered after this deadline may not be received in time for distribution at the commencement ceremony.

Legal documentation of the name change should be submitted with the name change request form.  If the form is presented in person, original documentation must be submitted so that a copy can be made.  If the request is sent by mail, the documentation must be notarized.  The only acceptable documents are:

  • Marriage license or certificate
  • Final decree of divorce
  • Birth certificate
  • Naturalization certificate
  • Passport or Visa
  • Court Order