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About the OTI

Texas A&M System Technology Commercialization (TTC) assists HSC faculty in finding commercialization opportunities for innovations arising from research projects.

LabAs a public institution, The Texas A&M University System requires disclosure of innovative discoveries so the benefit derived from these developments can further the HSC's educational mission. These novel ideas are formally disclosed to TTC using forms for inventors. Once the discovery is disclosed to TTC, they will begin a process to evaluate the intellectual property (IP) for its commercial potential.  The HSC OTI works closely with the TTC in this process for all HSC-related IP.

A primary function of the HSC is to disseminate new ideas through publications. TTC works with faculty to quickly protect IP rights before publishing occurs, which protects the commercial value of the innovation. Surprisingly, "giving an idea to the world" through publishing without first protecting the IP can often guarantee that the discovery will be ignored by potential industry partners.

If you have an idea or a new discovery that you believe could lead to a commercial process or product, please Contact Us for a consultation. We can work with you and develop a strategy for protecting IP rights that does not delay your plans for publication.

See information about steps to commercialization.


Important! Please remember that disclosure of your idea to the System does not protect the IP.  Only when TTC has formally evaluated the technology, recommended filing for patent protection, and filed with the US Patent and Trademark Office is the idea protected!