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Research Policies, Rules, and Guidelines

The HSC Office of Research maintains a number of rules, policies, and guidelines regarding research and research administration. Please familiarize yourself with these guidelines and make sure to Contact Us with any questions of concerns you may have.

HSC Internal Policies regarding Research Programs

  • Research Administration (15.01.01.Z1.01)
  • Freedom to Publish Research Results (15.01.01.Z1.03)
  • Facilities and Administrative Cost Description and Negotiated Rates (15.01.01.Z1.04)
  • Human Subjects in Research (15.99.01.Z1.01
  • Visiting Professors/Scholars Not Involved in an Employee/Employer Relationship (15.99.99.Z1.01)
  • Research Development and Enhancement Awards Program (15.99.99.Z1.02)
  • Controlled Substance Used in Non-Clinical Educational and Research Activities (15.99.99.Z1.03)
  • Use of Laboratory Animals in Research, Teaching and Testing (15.99.99.Z2)

HSC Rules regarding Research Programs

  • Conflict of Interest in the Design, Conduct, and Reporting of Sponsored Research (15.01.03.Z1)
  • Human Subjects in Research (15.99.01.Z1)
  • Ethics in Research and Scholarship (15.99.03.Z1)

Office of Research Guidelines regarding Research Programs