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Financial Conflict of Interest

In the wake of revised federal regulations from the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), The Texas A&M University System recently developed and approved a new regulation, 15.01.03 Financial Conflict of Interest in Research. Certain elements of this updated A&M System regulation are extremely important for members of the HSC research community to understand, as they stipulate new requirements for employees in the A&M System who are involved in any type of research activity, regardless of whether or not the activity is tied to an external source of funding. The purpose of this memorandum is to notify you of these requirements, highlight what is new, and outline the initial plans by the HSC Office of the Vice President for Research for supporting our research community in responding to and satisfying the requirements of the new A&M System regulation.


The Associate Dean for Research at your component has been fully apprised of all the issues concerning conflict of interest rules, regulations, and requirements as they have developed. In addition, our office will continue to reach out to the component executive leaders and department heads to provide information and conduct feedback sessions.


We are in the process of updating information to provide an exhaustive overview of current and new details concerning conflict of interest. Elise Winchester, Program Coordinator for research compliance, is the primary contact for questions concerning conflict of interest rules, regulations, and requirements. 


Read the full memo from Dr. David Carlson to the HSC here.




FCOI Contact Information

Disclosure Statements should be emailed to FCOI-HSC@tamhsc.edu or mailed (via campus mail) to MS 1114, attn: Elise Winchester.


Primary HSC Point of Contact

Ms. Elise Winchester



Conflict of Interest Officer

Dr. Jim Joyce





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