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Office of Research

The Office of Research provides effective leadership to all academic components, including centers and institutes, housed within the Texas A&M Health Science Center.  The Office of Research has its primary base of operations in the Reynolds Medical Building of the HSC College Station campus.  Each component of the HSC also has a research office as part of the research infrastructure of the college or school.  Additional information regarding component-based research operations can be found on the Research at the Components and Research Programs, Centers, and Institutes webpages.


HSC Office of Research

147 Reynolds Medical Building

College Station, TX 77843-1114

Phone: (979) 436-0580

Fax: (979) 436-0060


Allison Ficht, Ph.D.

Interim Vice President for Research

(979) 436-0592



Elena Adams

Assistant to the Vice President

(979) 436-0581



Julie Bishop, CRA

Assistant Vice President for Research

(979) 436-0585



Pam Knight

Assistant Director

(979) 436-0588



Melissa Kahl-McDonagh, Ph.D.

Assistant Director for Research Compliance

(979) 436-0591



Elise Winchester

Program Coordinator for Research Compliance

(979) 436-0590