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Visiting Professors and Scholars

Visiting Professor/Scholar is defined as those visitors to academic units who require use of HSC facilities to conduct their research or scholarship activities.  The title of “Visiting Professor” refers to those who will share their knowledge and talents with HSC faculty through extended lectures, demonstrations, or teaching of new research techniques.   The title of “Visiting Scholar” refers to those who visit the HSC to advance their own knowledge.  The titles are not intended for visitors on short-term visits to present seminars, lectures or consultations.

All visiting professors/scholars who wish to apply for a Universal Identification Number (UIN) in order to gain access to various HSC facilities and computing information resources must apply through their Host Department.  Your Host Department Liaison can assist you with the preparation of the necessary documentation for submission and assignment.

Procedures for applying for a Universal Identification Number (UIN) for Visiting Professors/Scholars

All information, and instructions on how to complete necessary forms, can be found in the information packet at the bottom of this page.

The following information is REQUIRED

 1. Completed UIN Processing Checklist for Visiting Professors/Scholars (Non-Employees)
 2. VPS Form - Approval of Visiting Professors/Scholars 
 3. Completed and signed UIN Issue Certification Form 
 4. Copy of Identity Verification Documents 
 5. Confirmation of completed/approved background check
 6. Completed and signed Independent Contractor Waiver
 7. Completed and signed Volunteer Waiver Form
 8. Signed Computer Use Agreement
 9. Signed Data Use Agreement
10. HSC Training Needs Assessment Form
11. Other related documents

After review, and approval, the UIN will be granted, and distributed, to the host departmental liaison for further action. If you have any questions, please contact HSC Risk Management at [email protected].

All individual forms can be found on the Risk Management Forms and Resources page.