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Forms and Resources


Camps and Programs for Minors Information Packet

CPM Application

CPM Incident Report

CPM Risk Assessment Form

General Release and Consent Waiver

HSC Criminal Background Check Form for Camp and Staff and Volunteer


Local Sex Offender Registry Check

CPM Insurance Program Policy Summary

CPM Insurance Claim Form (Notification of Injury)

Claim Filing Guide for Accident Medical Coverage

CPM Matrix (Listing of Camps)

CPM Child Protection Training Online Course Information

Texas Abuse, Neglect, and Exploitation Reporting System

HSC SAP 24.01.06.Z0.01 Camps and Programs for Minors



Informational Packet for Visiting Professor/Scholar

Informational Packet for Volunteers/Non-Employees

VPS Form – Approval of Visiting Professors/Scholars

Visiting Scholars/Volunteers/Non-Employees UIN Issue Certification Form

Instructions for Completing UIN Issue Certification Form

UIN Processing Checklist

TAMUS Volunteer Waiver Form

Waiver, Indemnification and Authorization Form

Computer User Agreement/Data Use and Confidentiality Agreement

Training Needs Assessment Form

Visual Compliance Screening Form

Access Request for Observers (Short-Term)

Minor Volunteers (Short Term)


Insurance Initiation Form

HSC Incident Reporting Form

Motor Vehicle Accident Report Form (MVAR)

State Liability for Vehicle Use

Vehicle Use Matrix 

HSC Vehicle Packet

What to do in case of an accident (brochure)

Waiver Form for Special Events



TAMHSC Required Employee Training

  • 2111728: International Travel Safety Training Course
  • 2111212: Export Controls & Embargo Training Course
  • 2111652: Child Protection Training Course



Request for Approval for Foreign Travel

International Travel Questionnaire

Acknowledgement of Risk Template

International Travel Risk and Security Assessment Template

International Travel Safety Training On-line Course

HSC Rule 21.0103.Z2 Foreign Travel

CISI Enrollment Form (excel spreadsheet)

CISI Brochure

HSC International Travel Packet



HSC Workers Compensation Procedure

Early Return to Work Program (RTW)

Employer's First Report of Injury (DWC-001 Form)

Supplemental Report of Injury (DWC-006 Form)

Employer's Wage Statement (OWC-003 Form)

Request for Paid Leave Form

Sharps Injury Report Form