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A hurricane is a tropical storm system of extreme size and destructive ability. These storms typically strike the United States Gulf Coast and Atlantic seaboard. They can dump large amounts of rain over a wide area, often causing flooding. High speed winds also present dangers, as flying debris can cause serious injury and property loss. The best defense against a hurricane is evacuation.

During the hurricane season (June 1st through November 30th) all personnel should pay close attention to the weather. Information and general storm data can be found at the NOAA National Hurricane Center's website(hyperlink).

A hurricane is one emergency that usually allows for preparation time. No generic guideline can ever fulfill an area's specialized needs. For this reason, you should scrutinize your operations, compare them to the guidelines, and evaluate all additional concerns unique to your area.

HSC Emergency Management or your local HSC safety personnel is available to assist you with this effort. If you have any other questoins or comments about hurricane planning, please contact Emergency Management at 979-436-0549 or your local HSC safety personnel.

  • Follow instructions as provided by your department/center.
  • Listen to radio and television for weather updates.
  • Check with media for return to work status.


  • To avoid getting caught in flood waters or unsafe conditions, do not go to an HSC building without checking to make sure that building is operational.
  • HSC buildings are not designed or designated as shelters for employees and/or their families.