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Travel Voucher Preparation

Please follow the steps below in completing a HSC travel voucher. In order to reduce any delays in reimbursement, please be sure the travel voucher form is filled out completely and accurately.

A. Account Number – At the top of the voucher next to "Dept. No." There should be ample space for you to enter a six digit account number, five digit support account number (if required), and the four digit departmental reference number of the voucher.

B. Name and Address Field – This field requires the name of the employee to be reimbursed and the mailing address of the employee wishes the reimbursement check to be mailed to.

C. Designated Headquarters – This is the place where the employee conducts most of his/her business. Prospective employees' headquarters will be the city where they currently reside.

D. Title – This is the job title of the employee. If the traveler is a prospective employee, then the job title should read "Prospective Employee".

E. Texas Identification Number (TIN) – This is the employee's or prospective employee's social security number proceeded by a 2 and followed by the appropriate mail code. Mail codes may be viewed on FAMIS on screen 101. Chose the mail code that corresponds to the correct address.

F. Dates of Travel – These are the dates the employee was away from headquarters. Even if the employee had personal time included in his time away from headquarters, it is still required that the actual dates away from headquarters be listed here.

G. Destination – This is the city and state at which the employee conducted his/her business. If there is more than one duty point of travel, it is acceptable to just put the first duty point in this field.

H. Document Amount – This is the total amount of the reimbursement being sought, it will automatically calculate for you.

I. Record of Transportation and Duties Performed – In this field the purpose of the trip and a day-by-day breakdown of the business performed is given. If all of the information cannot be filled in due to lack of space there is a second page to this form that additional information may be listed. On state accounts, if more than one-person travels, this is where you will document why it was necessary for more than one person to travel.

J. PO Doc# - If funds for travel were encumbered, then you will list the encumbrance number here. All travel encumbrances use object code 3030, but please print the form and circle "P" if this is a part of the encumbrance, or "F" if this is the full amount of the encumbrance.

K. Itemization of Expenses – In these fields you will itemize all expenses being claimed on this voucher and give each of these expenses the appropriate object code. A listing of the different object codes can be viewed on screen 806 in FAMIS.

L. Contact Information – In this field please put the contact name and information of the person who needs to be contacted if there are any problems with the voucher.

M. Exceptions – These are the exceptions used when the employee does not follow the State of Texas Travel Management Program and is being reimbursed from a state account. Please print the form and circle any exceptions being claimed.

N. Travel Advance Information – The information concerning the amount of the travel advance and related travel advance number would be noted here, if the employee received any funds prior to travel. If the employee did not receive an advance then the space may be left blank. Travel advance information may be viewed by typing in the last name of the traveler on screen 632 of FAMIS.

O. Employee Signature – The original signature of the employee and the date of the signature of the employee who is claiming the travel expenses must be signed here.

P. Department Head Signature – This is the space that needs to be signed and dated by either the department head or person who has been delegated signature authority for the account.

No Xerox copies/faxes of signatures or signature dates can be accepted, however computer printed dates can be accepted.