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The collective ideas and shared knowledge among members of the Applied Technology & Efficiencies Initiative have created methodologies and tools to address difficult operational concerns spanning the areas of facilities management, environmental safety, health, and security within the Texas A&M Health Science Center. Application of these ATEI-inspired methods have resulted in national recognition for efficiency in all of the indicated topic areas.

ATEI accomplishments include:

  • Creation of one start-up company with several divisions.
  • Intellectual property owned by The Texas A&M System.
  • A risk assessment process that is arguably the best in the country submitted for patent review.
  • Two national awards for models of efficiency with a third award pending.
  • A case study for the use of BIM to be published in a book chapter.
  • A national award for best use of computer maintenance management system among institutions of higher education.
The influences of Texas A&M University are the underpinning of the success of ATEI. The leadership of ATEI has utilized the educational resources of Texas A&M University in the disciplines provided by the College of Liberal Arts, Dwight Look College of Engineering, the College of Agriculture & Life Sciences, the College of Architecture, the College of Engineering & Technology [Commerce] and the Mays Business School.

Using ATEI methods and processes, the following projects were implemented:

  • iForms inspections process - Environmental Health & Safety
  • T2 Parking System - Parking
  • The Kuali Read - Emergency Management/Business Continuity
  • ChemTracker - Laboratory Chemical Safety
  • AiM System and hand-held devices - Facilities & Construction