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Current Operational Sustainability Initiatives

New Sustainability Initiatives for FY13 and FY14

  1. Convert all Campus Operations vehicles from gasoline/diesel to natural gas.
  2. Community Outreach.
  3. Recapture condensate from Air Conditioning rainwater for irrigation.
  4. Use only “Green Oil” products for all HSC vehicles/machines.
  5. Recycle all e-waste.
  6. Convert all plastics used for dining purpose to biodegradable.
  7. Use solar tubes for Central Utility Plant lighting.
  8. Develop aquaponics gardens on campuses..
  9. Install wind turbines at the Baylor College of Dentistry (Dallas) parking garage.
  10. Install solar panels and wind turbines at the HSC McAllen Campus.
  11. Install water-bottle refilling stations.
  12. Install solar tubes at Bryan Campus CUP
  13. Install wind turbines at Bryan Campus Cooling Tower
  14. Install wind in fan exhaust at Bryan Campus MREB
  15. Install wind turbines in Round Rock.
  16. Install wind turbines and solar in Temple.
  17. Certified "Green Office" program.