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Our Principles

The Health Science Center is dedicated to embodying these principles, believing that they lend distinction to our pursuits of quality in educational programs, prominence in scientific discovery, and innovation in treatment, practice and public service.

  • Pursuit of Excellence: The HSC is steadfastly dedicated to excellence in educational opportunities, scientific discovery, health promotion and prevention, and the delivery of care to Texans.
  • Statewide Service: The HSC affirms the land-grant philosophy with a commitment to all Texans and a distinctive calling for service to the State's rural and underserved populations.
  • Exemplary Diversity: The HSC takes pride in the cultural richness of Texas. We feel privileged to provide care and education to the State's diverse population and strive to attract and retain faculty, staff, and student populations of similar diversity.
  • Steadfast Integrity: The HSC is dedicated to undertaking all its activities with the highest standards of ethics, openness, fairness, respect and accountability.
  • Academic Freedom: The HSC fosters an environment that promotes lively academic discourse, cherishes free scientific inquiry, and safeguards the expression of informed viewpoints without the fear of repercussion or reprisal.
  • Active Collaboration: In teaching, research and service, the HSC enthusiastically seeks collaborations and partnership within its own ranks, with colleagues at Texas A&M University, and across the Texas A&M System, and with outside agencies, institutions, and communities.
  • Professional Development: The HSC champions the growth and development of all individuals through a commitment to lifelong learning and achievement.
  • Unshakable Commitments: We pledge to vigorously advance these principles in the arena of public policy and to confront all threats to their perpetuation with creativity and courage.