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Goal IV

Goal IV: Excellence in Accountability and Resource Optimization 

        Objective 1:  Exercise prudent stewardship of HSC resources 

                  Strategy 1: Conduct activities that assure fiscal integrity and viability of the HSC

                  Strategy 2: Match growth in programs to infrastructure required to support the growth


         Objective 2:  Develop a multi-faceted approach to institutional advancement to broaden the HSC's

                              financial foundation 

                    Strategy 1:  Initiate and sustain annual giving, planned giving, and major gifts fundraising programs

                    Strategy 2:  Implement the continuing phases of the HSC's comprehensive capital campaign


          Objective 3:  Provide state-of-the-art facilities 

                    Strategy 1: Create a uniform communication infrastructure for all HSC campuses

                    Strategy 2:  Monitor and maintain new construction and renovations


           Objective 4 : Provide leadership and oversight of compliance activities

                     Strategy 1: Ensure research compliance

                     Strategy 2: Ensure information technology compliance

                     Strategy 3: Ensure fiscal compliance

                     Strategy 4: Ensure academic compliance