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Goal I

Goal I: Excellence in Academics

           Objective 1: Promote an optimal student learning environment

                     Strategy 1: Recruit a highly competitive, diverse student body 

                     Strategy 2: Provide infrastructure to effectively support innovative instruction

                     Strategy 3: Expand and integrate clinical training opportunities

                     Strategy 4: Provide comprehensive student services

                     Strategy 5: Promote interdisciplinary training for graduate and professional students

                     Strategy 6: Prepare for SACS reaffirmation of accreditation

                     Strategy 7: Establish military-friendly programs


           Objective 2: Develop exemplary faculty

                     Strategy 1: Recruit, retain, and reward outstanding faculty

                     Strategy 2: Promote professional development of faculty

                     Strategy 3: Recruit and retain a diverse workforce


           Objective 3: Continuously improve the quality of academic programs                    

                     Strategy 1: Coordinate assessment information related to program-specific accreditations

                     Strategy 2: Establish a process to develop new programs in the face of limited resources