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Goal II

Goal II: Excellence in Research and Scholarship 

         Objective 1: Encourage initiatives/collaborations in research, scholarly activities, and advanced training

                  Strategy 1: Provide seed/bridge/matching research funding

                  Strategy 2:  Support submission of research and training grants

                  Strategy 3:  Support development and review of interdisciplinary centers and institutes

                  Strategy 4:  Support interdisciplinary symposia for research/scholarly activities


         Objective 2:  Develop partnerships in support of core research facilities

                  Strategy 1: Provide leadership and partner with other universities in supporting shared research


         Objective 3:  Translate scientific discoveries into practical applications through intellectual property

                                 development and commercialization

                  Strategy 1:  Develop written guidelines to assist all HSC components with intellectual property

                  Strategy 2:  Ensure accountability for funding of intellectual property

                  Strategy 3:  Support a commercialization program