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Goal III

Goal III: Excellence in Service 

        Objective 1:  Identify critical health care needs across the state of Texas

                  Strategy 1: Facilitate HSC-wide discussions of top health care needs by region


        Objective 2:  Provide community-based educational and/or screening programs that target underserved


                  Strategy 1: Support service efforts through programs offered by the CBHEC

                  Strategy 2: Provide programs that assist the efforts of rural physicians and medical communities


        Objective 3:  Foster sustained collaborative initiatives and partnerships                 

                  Strategy 1:Continually evaluate partnerships with community-based organizations and agencies,

                                      with respect to HSC mission


         Objective 4:  Define and operationalize the role of clinical care

                  Strategy 1: Promote continuing professional education opportunities for clinical faculty and

                                       community health professinals