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Learning Collaborative Events

The calendar above shows RHP 8 and other RHP Learning Collaborative Events.

RHP 8 Regional Learning Collaborative Events

Bi-Weekly Conference Calls

The RHP 8 Anchor team hosts bi-weekly conference calls every other Tuesday from 9-10a.m. The RHP 8 bi-weekly calls are part of the RHP 8 Learning Collaborative Plan implementation that CMS requires of each region. The bi-weekly calls are designed to help promote shared learning across the region as well as help those Providers with learning collaborative milestones meet those metrics. Additionally, HHSC and CMS require UC-Only hospitals to participate in Learning Collaborative activities. We encourage all DSRIP providers and UC Hospitals to have a representative participate on the calls if possible.  Visit the Bi-Weekly Conference Calls page for more information, dates and meeting materials.


The RHP 8 Anchor team shares a monthly newsletter with region-wide Providers and stakeholders as a learning collaborative component. Visit the Newsletter page for current and archived newsletters.

Cohort Work Group Events 

The RHP 8 Behavioral Health and Primary Care Cohort work group helps promote efficiencies and improve health care delivery and access throughout the region by fostering collaboration on continuous quality improvement (CQI) efforts. As the group is established and holding meetings and/or conference calls, contact information for group leaders and meeting dates and times will be posted to allow all interested stakeholders to participate.

Face to Face Regional Events

Since DY3, RHP 8 has hosted semiannual learning collaboratives for Providers and stakeholders. Providers and stakeholders from across the state come together to network and about big data and big health.  The over-arching purpose and scope of the face-to-face learning collaboratives are to seek regional impact through shared learning, community engagement, and celebration of success. 

Lunch and Learn Presentations

Periodically, the RHP 8 Anchor team hosts lunch and learn presentations to concentrate on specific Provider requested topics such as continuous quality improvement methods. 

Peer-to-Peer Opportunities

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