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Learning Collaborative Events

The calendar above shows RHP 17 Learning Collaborative events (green) and Peer Learning Collaborative events (purple).

Regional Events

Throughout the year, RHP 17 will host various learning collaborative events in the region. Events will vary in size and structure, ranging from the two face-to-face events held each year to multiple planned webinars and speaker series events every few months. Regional events may be co-hosted with Region 8 out of Round Rock and/or include participation in activities with our peers in the neighboring Houston region, RHP 3.  Additionally, RHP 17 will distribute a monthly newsletter and hold a monthly call to promote learning collaborative activities and encourage sharing and active participation among regional stakeholders.

RHP 17 Learning Collaborative Kick-off Event

March 27, 2014 - Texas A&M Health Science Center in Bryan

RHP 17 kicked off their learning collaborative with the first of two face-to-face events to be held in DY3. Stakeholders came together to review the collaborative structure and the IHI model it is based off of, as well as learn about the Plan-Do-Study-Act (PDSA) cycle of continuous quality improvement. Download Learning Collaborative Kick-off Agenda and sign in sheet.


On July 1st, RHP 17 hosted a lunch and learn presentation on the quality improvement methodology, Six Sigma. Those participating in the call received a brief history on Six Sigma and learned how this quality management program could be applied to various levels of their organization. Participants were also provided information on how to achieve the first level of Six Sigma certification, the White Belt certification. Download the Six Sigma Lunch and Learn Presentation.

Work Group Events

Cohort work groups can help promote efficiencies and improve health care delivery and access throughout the region by fostering collaboration on continuous quality improvement efforts. RHP 17 is in the early stages of establishing two work groups: a Behavioral Health & Primary Care group and a Care Transitions & Navigation group.

As the groups are established and begin holding meetings and/or conference calls, contact information for group leaders and meeting dates and times will be posted to allow all interested stakeholders to participate.

Peer to Peer Opportunities

Info about connecting with Region 3 and Region 8 Learning Collaborative activities.

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