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Call, Newsletter & Event Archive

Monthly Calls

The monthly learning collaborative call is designed to help promote shared learning across the region through open discussion. The call provides a forum for UC and DSRIP providers to discuss raising performance, challenges and issues faced, as well as to share best practices. Calls are held the second Thursday of every month at 10 a.m.

  • 12/18/2014 - RHP 17 December Call (Sustainability): Agenda and Minutes
  • 01/15/2015 - RHP 17 January Call (Project Management Software): Agenda and Minutes
  • 02/11/2015 - RHP 17 February Call (Collaborating with Community Partners): Agenda and Minutes

Monthly Newsletters

Each month RHP 17 sends out a monthly newsletter to share updates on recent and upcoming learning collaborative activities and information. The newsletter includes project spotlights, achievements in the region to be celebrated, learning opportunities for participation in other regions and through online resources, upcoming event dates and information, and other features related to health care and continuous quality improvement methods.

Past Learning Collaborative Events

  • 3/27/14 - Regional Opportunity: RHP 17 kicked off the regional learning collaborative with the first of two face-to-face events to be held in DY3. Stakeholders came together to review the collaborative structure and the IHI model the structure is based off of, as well as learn about the PDSA (Plan-Do-Study-Act) quality improvement methodology. Interested stakeholders can download the Agenda and Submit an Inquiry to request copies of the event slides. Providers needing a copy of the sign-in sheet in order to meet DSRIP reporting requirements should contact the Anchor Team.
  • 6/5/14 - Peer-to-Peer Opportunity (Region 3): RHP 3 held a face-to-face learning collaborative event on the University of Houston campus and invited RHP 17 stakeholders to attend. Please visit the RHP 3 Learning Collaborative page for more information and copies of the event materials.
  • 7/1/14 - Regional Opportunity: Lunch & Learn (RHP 17 and RHP 8): RHP 17 hosted a lunch and learn presentation, in collaboration with RHP 8, on the Six Sigma quality improvement methodology. Participants received a brief history and overview of Six Sigma and learned how this method may be used throughout an organization along with the various levels of Six Sigma certification available. Despite being used primarily in business and manufacturing, examples of use in health care were shared and a brief overview of Six Sigma's relationship and use with the Lean improvement methodology were also provided. Attendees were given information on how they could further explore this quality improvement methodology and achieve white belt certification (the most basic entry level to Six Sigma). Download the Six Sigma presentation.
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